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Textile upcycling – So, what’s it all about, Scatty?

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Scatty knits started out of the wonderful textile upcycling and recycling businesses that I was lucky enough to come in contact with during 2017. I said at the start that it usually starts with a dog. In this case the marvellous Vera led to Bev aka Veloculture ( fab upcycled products from bicycle inner tubes – genius) which led to Sue aka the Woolly pedlar.  The Woolly Pedlar upcycled fabulous kat wise style coats, ponchos and gorgeous waterfall scarves from felted knitwear.

Vera – Velocuture

Their businesses planted a seed, I starting making dog snoods and bandanas. But realised that I didn’t want to make just one or two types of products. This had the potential to create the very thing I wanted to avoid – textile waste. So the “use every scrap” adventure was started. It’s like the eco friendly version of the army – no scrap gets left behind. 🤦🏻‍♀️

The aim is to produce as little waste as possible and be creative in product design and production. Scatty knits is a one person business but that doesn’t mean that I don’t dream big!

I’m no expert on textile waste, sustainability and the impact of fast fashion on the economy and the climate. But in its own little way I want scatty knits to reflect the big concepts of a circular economy and circular fashion. 

This journey is a huge learning curve, in terms of making, marketing and running my own business. As well as understanding the concerns, issues and solutions of the fashion industry and textile waste. I’d always thought I was a pretty savvy recycler but it turns out I’ve not even scratched the surface of knowing what I should.

So I’ll be learning every day and posting my musings as I go. 

Fancy coming along on the textile upcycling adventure?

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Zero waste wooden buttons

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Well if you can find the exact buttons you want, make them…

As well as being a budding seamstress, I am an avid knitter. All credit for this going to my mum. I like to think that I’m reasonably proficient but I’ll never have her skill. She was fabulous at cabling and her aran sweaters and cardigans were works of art. Many of my early childhood memories are of  her sitting In her chair, watching tv with a cable needle stuck behind her ear as she produced a complex cable WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE PATTERN! That astounds me even today I need to stare at the knitting, copy the pattern and even then my inability to count to ten consistently and accurately can lead to interesting results.

I won’t embarrass myself by saying how many WIPs I have but it is definitely double figures. Currently Carbeth by Kate Davies is on the needles. It’s a lovely relaxing knit and Kate’s patterns are always so well written.

Carbeth by Kate Davies

I originally thought I’d go for a black one but swapped to Isome lovely bright orange wool in my stash. This has been repurposed from a blanket, which I then reknitted as a different cardigan. I decided this didn’t suit me so now it’s on the way to be a Carbeth. I’ve started calling it ‘Doctor’ as it keeps regenerating 🤣 . Sorry I couldn’t help myself!

I will admit that I am a bit fussy about buttons. I always think to myself that I’ve spend all this time knitting something so I don’t put just any button on. (This is why I still have a cardigan from last year with no buttons 😳). Carbeth needs some thing nice and chunky so when we were doing some gardening Mr SK had the bright idea to make some from the branches and also from some discarded hardwood furniture. So zero waste wooden buttons were born and I couldn’t be more chuffed. I can’t wait to finish Carbeth and get some handmade buttons on!

Soft wood large button 😍

I love the tactile nature of the large wooden buttons. We’ve finished them with beeswax to enhance the natural grain of the wood.

Check out my Etsy shop to see my extra large and large zero waste wooden buttons.

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Dog owner: Border collie trained

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I’ve always been a fully paid up member of the dog fan club. Being a dog sitter has only just reinforced this love. As I get to experience and love such a wide variety of dog breeds. From my gran’s dog Judy (who may have thought that I was one of her pups from the stories I’ve told about the two of us) to my own first dog Snoopy (yes, I named him despite the adult pressure), I thought that I had learnt everything I need to know about being a dog owner. 

And then we had Ben…

I’ll not bore you with all memories and proud mama boasts about my boy but he was a special lad. Too clever by half, we didn’t train him, he trained us. I hope that as I write the next few sentences that all dog owners are nodding in agreement and that it’s not just me 😳, but Ben definitely trained me to make him happy and vocally enforced his pleasure or displeasure!

He was however a bit of a scamp and after a muddy walk loved nothing better than avoiding a towel and adorning the house with paw prints and his abstract muddy tail art. 

So in memory of my boy I’ve made the mud puppy towel. I’ve got one hanging at the French windows near my cutting table. When I catch it out of the corner of my eye it makes me smile as I think of him. Of course as a dog sitter it will get loads of use with coming autumn weather!

if you have the same problem of searching for a towel while your dog redecorates in mud, then check out my Etsy shop.

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