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Newcastle food – Thali Tray Ouseburn

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Arch 2 Brewery and Thali tray

Full disclosure: All food and drink was paid for by us. No influencers were harmed in the writing of this post. The photography reflect my need to eat the food not take pictures so frequent bite marks will appear. If Newcastle food doesn’t look Instagram worthy that is a reflection of my appetite not the kitchen.

The variety in Newcastle food is amazing at the moment. Lots of openings as well as the tried and tested favourites. I’m not saying that Mr SK and I have eaten everywhere but we are giving it a good go. 😁

We took a run out to Arch 2 Brewery in Ouseburn after we have visited the fabulous flea market in Shieldfield. I had wanted to go on my birthday, mainly to sample the Thali Tray but unfortunately I’ve mistimed it as they only served until 3 pm. So last Saturday was an opportunity to go back and see what we had missed.

It was a lovely sunny day and the Arch 2 courtyard looked fantastic. I loved the serious amounts of potted plants and the space had a great relaxed feel.

Arch 2 Brewery

We were the only ones there as we had pitched up at 12 on the dot but I bet at night time the courtyard is jumping and looks fabulous. Probably a right hipster hangout – not complaining, just thinking that I might be a tad too old 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Thali tray’s menu is simple which I think it’s probably for the best otherwise Mr SK takes ages to decide on a dish!. We agreed to have the Keralan curry selection with the blooming onion bhaji. Mr SK is an onion bhaji aficionado – it’s always his Indian starter of choice. This one measured up to his high standards. It wasn’t the traditional onion bhaji you’d expect but the blooming onion deconstructed take was excellent. Highly spiced and served with a simple raita.

Blooming onion bhaji – sorry munched already!

The keralan curries were also excellent. I preferred the beef as it was a medium curry whereas the chicken was medium hot. The sides of cardamon turmeric rice and onion seed naan bread were the perfect compliment

Mr SK had a pint of barberry blonde which I sampled as well. It went perfectly with the curry and at 3.8% was very quaffable indeed. We did have a moments pause at the £4.30 pricetag but that probably because we are old fogeys who aren’t used to town prices. That said we shared a curry and starter so the food bill was a reasonable £12.50.

Contact: Arch 2 brewery

Thali Tray

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Dog Snood me STAT! Baby, it’s cold outside!

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One of my biggest joys of being a dog sitter has been the wide variety of breeds that I’ve been able to share my home with. From border collies to ex racer greyhounds and of course the magnificent otterhound.

It’s not going to be s surprise that they are all fabulous. Any dog owner knows that each dog has their own distinct peronsality and quirks. Cuddly, laid back, cheeky, mischievous, tenacious, and playful, they are all adorable. 

But two things they all have in common is that they deserve to well loved and well cared for. Luckily every dog owner I’ve met adores their pet and it’s probably no concidence that the people I count as friends adore dogs too. So I was delighted when expert dog walker Irene approached me to make a dog snood for one her regulars – Billy the greyhound. 

Obviously greyhounds have very low body fat and so feel the cold. Billy had been wearing a chunky hand knit dog snood but unfortunately it was unravelling and so Billy was due a new one. So out came the heavy knits so that I could get the structure and fit that would work for a greyhound.

On the cutting table – starting to custom make the gentle funnel shaping
Doesn’t he look dapper!

I loved making the snood and a quick search through my leftover fabric stash uncovered lots of merino and cashmere.

Next step the Tiny carbon pawprint range of dog snoods. Each snood has been made in either merino or cashmere wool for that cosy and luxury feel for your fur baby.

Check out my Etsy shop for sizes and colours. Remember all scatty knits’ makes are made from recycled wool and cannot be repeated.

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