Dog owner: Border collie trained

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I’ve always been a fully paid up member of the dog fan club. Being a dog sitter has only just reinforced this love. As I get to experience and love such a wide variety of dog breeds. From my gran’s dog Judy (who may have thought that I was one of her pups from the stories I’ve told about the two of us) to my own first dog Snoopy (yes, I named him despite the adult pressure), I thought that I had learnt everything I need to know about being a dog owner. 

And then we had Ben…

I’ll not bore you with all memories and proud mama boasts about my boy but he was a special lad. Too clever by half, we didn’t train him, he trained us. I hope that as I write the next few sentences that all dog owners are nodding in agreement and that it’s not just me 😳, but Ben definitely trained me to make him happy and vocally enforced his pleasure or displeasure!

He was however a bit of a scamp and after a muddy walk loved nothing better than avoiding a towel and adorning the house with paw prints and his abstract muddy tail art. 

So in memory of my boy I’ve made the mud puppy towel. I’ve got one hanging at the French windows near my cutting table. When I catch it out of the corner of my eye it makes me smile as I think of him. Of course as a dog sitter it will get loads of use with coming autumn weather!

if you have the same problem of searching for a towel while your dog redecorates in mud, then check out my Etsy shop.

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