The next Alan Titchmarsh (I mean that as a compliment)

I’d love to be able to say that i am the green fingered one, but it’s quite possible that I could kill mould just by thinking about nurturing and looking after it. Which is actually really strange as the main thing that influenced us to buy our house were the massive gardens attached. Its just a terraced house but we had three sheds, one greenhouse, rhubarb patch, blackberry bush, cherry tree and an apple treeI. Oh yeah and a well established flower garden. Fortunately in my life I have Ian -and whether he wanted to or not he’s taken control of the garden. Luckily I am very fond of eating stuff from the garden so it is win win for me.

It wants to grow, you know…

Love them or loathe our borders are set by rather impressive leylandii. I must admit I was not enamoured at first, but then it seemed that every bird in our village was nesting there. So well you know how it is – wildlife – very much like that. So the leylandii is staying and I get to learn about the different birds in the garden.

Definitely needs a haircut…

That said the hedges can look unruly so Ian has been known to trim as and when needed. But what to with the waste? Which leads me neatly(?) on to buttons.

  • Close up extra large soft wooden buttons

The buttons are ideal as a statement for hand knits and makes. There are natural flaws to the wood, but I think this only adds to their beauty. Once buffed with beeswax they was temptingly tactile.