I cannot tell you how much I love a dog in clothes (clearly this is only with their consent – no, means no!) This may a product of the fact that my first dog Snoopy appeared to love being dressed in my leg warmers (this was the very early 80s!!). The tradition ( the dressing up not the leg warmers) was continued by the glorious Ben (knit wear model extraordinarie) and I make no apologies for the gratuitous side show below.

But while Ben was a dedicated professional model, he was not a fan of coats. They were suffered as a necessary evil which allowed him out in all sorts of weather and therefore could be tolerated. Which of course meant that I couldn’t make any coats or sweaters for him as bless he would have suffered it, But it would have been the unwelcome ugly sweater at Christmas and I couldn’t do that to him.

Best girl Betty models coat prototype
Betty road tests a coat prototype

But of course with my dog sitter life suddenly I had access to dogs who liked coats. So of course I had to give it a go!

Current dog coats