Doris – a bit of WD40 & she’ll be fine…

Doris getting parked up at Dunstan Hill…

Doris caravan life chose us…

It’s a bit late of a update but we have had our first few nights away in Doris. We didn’t go far afield as it was all a bit of a road test with this being the first time we had towed a caravan any distance. So we ended up at Dunstan Hill campsite which is in Northumberland. Despite the obvious limits of the social distancing regs, it was a fabulous site, really peaceful and one of the few where the toilet and shower block was still open.

The verdict…

To say we loved it is a bit of an understatement. The versatility of having a caravan and being able to use the car without hassle (unlike the motorhome were it was a constantly put things up / take things down pfaff). Doris was cosy, bed was reasonably comfortable and the little diner section was fab. No more eating on our knees. 

Ian in the dining room
Just the right size..

I have a cunning makeover plan…

We has always planned that we probably only get away once this year and then use the autumn / winter to complete a makeover. At first we thought it might just be cosmetic but then we noticed some dimpling on one of the walls and that it seemed a little ‘soft’.

Signs of old damp damage in Doris
Dimples and the pin pricks of the damp meter

It was not as cunning as I thought..

So one damp meter reading later, we realise that we are going to have to replace panels. 

Damp damage in Doris
Not exactly what we wanted to see…

Ying and Yang

Now at this point I need to explain that while I am not Pollyanna by any means I generally have two go to phrases when faced with any practical problem

  1. How hard can it be? It’s not rocket science…
  2. Well, I don’t know how to do that… yet.

Whereas Mr Scatty does not take that approach, I hesitate to say that he urinates on my chips but you get the idea. I also find many situations hilarious as you really can’t believe how wrong and bad things can go in 30 seconds. It’s like being in an episode of ‘Some Mothers’ do have them‘ but sans beret. 
(If you don’t understand the reference, look it up, you won’t regret it.)

But I digress…

Right, as long as we are all up to speed, back to Take one in attempted renovations.

Cupboard above damp
Cupboard will have to come out as well

As you can see the boards around the windows need replaced and unfortunately this means the cupboard is going to have to come out as well. However, we can see no way that the cupboard is attached – no screws, nails or physical means of support. 

One of the reasons I love the internet

Thank goodness for helpful people on the internet and after consulting DIY caravan guide, we are told exactly where the screws are. Back to Doris we go. Screws are located and I am enlisted to support the cupboard as obviously Ian presumes that as he removes the last screw the cupboard would drop. 

Is that steam coming out of your ears?

Or so you would think. Needless to say this is did not happen. Much to Ian’s frustration (and my amusement) the cupboard is still rock solid. At this point we learn from the forum that staples may also have been used. Talk about belt and braces!

Do you want to have a lie down and a wet flannel on your forehead?

So Ian turns his attention to the mirror – takes out the screws… and the mirror stays totally in place. At this point we realised that the mirror is also glued on. I nearly lost it – but Ian was not amused and we had to walk away. 

But on the plus side…

First coat on the cupboard door

I am pleased with the colour i have chosen for the cupbaords
It’s Swanky pants from the Frenchic al fresco. It’s a lovely soft grey with (in some lights) a hint of a blue tone.
So the renovation has slowly began… there’s no rush. After all it’s not like I’ll be going anywhere (Cheers Covid-19)