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Anti fast fashion – #Second hand September


I can’t say how much I love charity shops! They are a mainstay of many high streets and essential in the ‘fast fashion’ consumer society. I must admit i was stunned to read that the average garment only gets worn 4 times! Mr SK (I’m sure he that he won’t mind me tell you!) had the same pair of swimming shorts for 28 years. It was like the passing of a treasured friend when they finally gave up the ghost! And I still have clothes I bought in my 20s which is a long long time ago.

Source: Oxfam GB

I fully admit that i used to be a bit of shopacoholic many years ago. But my consumption patterns have changed completely. My last clothing purchase was from Scope (a mental health charity) – a rather pristine pair of jeans.

As a student I was lucky to able to be able to volunteer in Oxfam. It was a total blast, and I even ended up with friends in the local paper modelled the vintage finds from the shop. If I recall correctly I wearing a rather fetching pillar box hat with veil and a matching skirt suit! 

So I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Oxfam. And as I was browsing their vintage shop (check it out if you haven’t already) I found details of the #SecondhandSeptember pledge. Of course, I sign up straightaway. 

There are some fantastic articles on the site about the impact of fast fashion as well as details about the prize draw for sharing your charity finds on social media.


I can feel a good rummage of all the charity shops in my area coming up! 

If you’ve signed the pledge, Happy Hunting! 

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