Me Made Wardrobe 2020

My 2020 makes will be appearing here. This year it has been the aim to begin to get more adventurous in my me-makes by introducing sewing. I’ve always been a bit hesitant to begin a sewing for me project as with knitting you always have the option to rip out and start again (which I do more than I care to mention). But with sewing – once that fabric is cut, it stayed cut. So I’m aiming to start small – some basics like t-shirts and yoga pants. The knitting will of course continue as normal. Expect to more knits completed this year as well.

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Pennycress socks


Knit notes  
Name Pop Rocks
Pattern Pennycress by Rachel Coopey in Coop Knits Socks
Yarn Madelinetosh Tosh Sock, Pop Rocks
Pattern Peeves None, a nice 8 row repeat which was easy to get into a rhythm with. I did suffer with my usual ‘second sock syndrome’.
Washing / Wearing Haven’t been worn or washed yet – will update later.
Knit again? No, I’ve got too many other Coopey sock patterns in my knit list
Difficulty Easy, although not a beginner knit
Rating 5/5
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Pennycress socks in progress
Pennycress socks in progress