Meet Doris – our upcycle caravan project

We didn’t choose the Doris life, Doris life chose us….

Well, I think she looks like a Doris – sturdy, dependable, like cream teas and bacon sarnies…

So Doris is a 1993 Swift Rapide 430/4

Hopefully a more functional layout than Bert the Motorhome (yes, I do name everything)

The layout fixes one of the major bugbears we had with the motorhome – always eating on our knees. So the bottom end of Doris is the breakfast bar/ dining room and the top end is the lounge.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Option 1: Good to go

Doris could just have a good clean and a few bits and pieces mended. Obviously a good clean is needed anyway and then its Doris on tour.

Option 2: All the bells and whistles

This would be the whole nine yards – painting, reupholster and a bit of modernisation.

Ok I have to admit this is my preferred option. I love the idea of a light airy but cosy bolthole. I blame Instagram and Pinterest myself. If you are interested check out my Doris board on Pinterest.

But here’s the caveat – while I would love to be able go fabric shopping and go matchy matchy. That’s just not possible with our budget or the scatty knits ethos. So Doris has makeover rules.

First off, it’s the 5Rs that will be the cornerstone of the makeover

Refuse – Reduce – Reuse – Repurpose – Recycle

I’ll be cleaning, revamping and reusing over the coming months. Charity shops will be rigorously examined and crafting skills will be put to the test. While we may have to buy new for small parts of the revamp they will be as a last resort if we can’t salvage from a breakers yard.

Let the adventure begin!