#memademay – my so called lockdown life

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Slow fashion plans…

Lockdown life

It would be a bit remiss of me if i didn’t mention the current situation on the blog. After all these are unprecedented times – anyone else beginning to hate that word? Like many all over the UK I’m under lockdown – well, I’m actually being shielded so I’ve only left the house twice in the last 10 weeks (and that was to go to hospital). Luckily as an card carrying introvert I’ve been training for lockdown my whole life. I understand that so many people are finding it really difficult but as I work from home its pretty much business as usual for me.

During lockdown, you can’t complain if this is the view 👍

Cost per wear

Except that it’s given me the impetus to put into place my long held clothes sewing plans. My clothes consumption is pretty modest, in fact I’m struggling to remember the last time I bought something – I think it was about three years ago. As I work from home – it’s t-shirt and comfy yoga style pants, jeans if I go out with knitted tops and shirts. I also have to admit that I tend to wear clothes into the ground and refuse to let them go until I have rung every last wear out of them, which may be why I am currently wearing a t shirt I bought in 2005 in Vancouver. It still looks good so I’m hoping for another 15 years at least. 😂 I think working on a cost per wear the company is currently paying me! I haven’t always been frugal in my consumption but the older I get the more I’m aware that I don’t need to buy even an 1/4 of what I once did.

One in, one out

I now operate on a ‘one in, one out, recycled or deadstock material, charity shop find’ policy. As always I’ve got ambitious plans for someone who has made exactly one dress, one skirt and one top. I’ve been regularly stalking independent pattern sites to draw up a list of possible makes. You can check out the full list on my pinterest board here. Clearly I know I’ll probably not make all of them but the patterns were too pretty not to save. I’m a pretty casual person so the patterns need to fit in my that style as well as the lifestyle that I lead. If I ever get out of lockdown I’m a shirt and jeans type of person. The standing joke in my family has always been that if I ever get married it would have to be in jeans (and they’re not wrong).

The makes

1. Tonic tee by SBCC patterns

A definite wardrobe essential

I love the simplicity and inclusivity of the pattern and I’m hoping that this will be a go to make. The pattern was free when you signed up the newsletter. I got the original copy many years ago but they have just released an update. Unbelievably generous for a free pattern. So there is now a long sleeved version as well. I’m starting with the short sleeve. The pdf pattern pieces are assembled, fabric chosen (two recycled grey cotton t shirts which I can salvage enough fabric from). I just have to make it now!

2. Sorbetto by Colette patterns

I’m thinking in purple….

Next up is another free pattern which I gained access to by signing up for the newsletter. It is simple sleeveless top that is almost identical to one of my favourite pieces EVER! This is still in my wardrobe (it’s only 8 years old so it’s practically a baby) but it is a delicate little piece so I keep it for special occasions even though I would happily wear it everyday. I’ve some paisley lightweight cotton which should just have enough yardage (fingers crossed)

3. Yoga pants from Craftsy

Many years ago I signed for Craftsy which is now bluprint. I loved the variety of the classes and the excellent videos. But I found (and I can’t believe I’m typing this) that I would watch the entire class (as I didn’t want there to be any surprises/techniques I didn’t know) and then I wouldn’t make the item as I was so daunted! However, I watched the class on the yoga pants and have the pattern so I’m going to give that one a go.

4. Plaintain t shirt by Deer and Doe

Another free pattern when you sign up for the newsletter (are you seeing a pattern here?). I thought this long sleeved t shirt would be great for autumn and winter. I’ve got some great recycled jersey fabric but this will be a bit patchwork so will need careful planning.

So that’s the initial set up at the moment. Suffice it to say these are slow makes, so don’t be expecting them next week. I’ll be concentrating on sewing for the business first, making scrubs for the NHS next and personal makes after that.

Of course there is always the knitting… I was working on Lang Ayre, a gorgeous hap in the Book of Haps. But it’s currently in ‘time out’ for being naughty – which basically means that the maths illiterate me got the stitch count wrong again. So I switched to Hancock which is being much better behaved. Being a nice tweedy yellow it’s a rather mindless and thoughly enjoyable knit.

On a side note, if you are looking for a lovely little film to watch (possibly while knitting) I’d recommend The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. No, you’re crying…

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