Mittens, Scarves, Snoods & Hats

Baby, it’s cold outside…

Full disclosure: I have a fondness for mittens, hats, scarves, and snoods. So many knitted and sewn so many that I have genuinely lost count. If you are interested in the knits, visit Me-made wardrobe for details. Friends and family are gifted the odd scarf, hat and mittens (whether requested or just random, it matters not). After all, my mum knitted her love and care into every garment so why can’t I? It’s basically the makers’ version of wrapping your special people in cotton wool. But enough with the makers’ philosophy, let’s get to the sweater mittens or smittens if you prefer.

So what can you do with a felted, holey sweater?

The short answer is anything you want. Start with sweater mittens, work on to snoods (human and dog), patchwork cosy dog sweaters (to match the snoods, obv!) and finish with garlands and scraps for stuffing.

Key features

All fabric is from charity shops (from stock that can’t be sold) or industrial waste from the cutting room floor. These recycled woollen mittens are the perfect eco-friendly and functional gift for the eco-warrior in your life.

* Fabric outer handmade from a quality lambswool fabric recycled from sweaters or industrial fabric waste.

* Lambswool fibres create air pockets that work to retain heat. 

* Lambswool is breathable & naturally hypoallergenic as well as resistant to dust mites and water repellent. 

* Inner liners are either a smooth fine knit merino wool or cosy cashmere recycled from sweaters. 

* The mittens are finished with a handmade soft wood button sourced from my garden waste

Remember all my products are created from recycled fabrics and therefore colour and type of fabric is dependant on availability.

Some current stock

Stock is updated regularly throughout the autumn and winter. Follow me on Instagram to get regular updates of new stock