Poop Waste Bag Holder

For such a simple upcycle, the poop waste bag holder has to be my favourite make ever. After using lots of cotton men’s shirts for bag liners, I was left with a pile of cuffs which I had no idea what to do with. Cut then to my walk with our house guest Betty (don’t look in her eyes – that’s how she enslaves humans) at that time.

On her lead there was a hard plastic bone shaped poop bag holder. Being the clumsy person I am, every time Betty was off lead I managed to bash myself on the face and back of the head more times that I care to count. So that was the spark for the idea – save myself extra bruises on dog walks.

Ideal for the eco-conscious dog owner, the ‘Off the cuff’ waste bag holder is one of our most popular sellers. Stock is constantly changing so check out scattyknits.etsy.com for our current products.