About Scatty Knits…..

Me and Judy

Who is Scatty knits?

Hi I’m Bev, CEO, chief designer, maker, beverage technician & general dogsbody of Scatty Knits. Now bear with me, I’m an ex-teacher with 25 years at the chalkface who has happily swapped her red pen for a sewing machine. How? you ask.

Well as with so much in my life, it started with a dog. Working as a dog home boarder (did I forget to mention that?) I met some fabulous eco makers who inspired me to begin the Scatty Knits journey. So I take clothes from charity shops that can’t be sold because of a stain or a hole and upcycle them into anything and everything. 

What is the Scatty aim?

Scatty knits aims to show that every scrap of fabric can be used in production by being inventive in design and product ranges. So expect an eclectic mix of gifts and goodies that will be appealing but also environmentally friendly. After all, who doesn’t want to play their part in loving and looking after our home – there’s no planet B, folks. 

You can take the girl out of Belfast, but you can’t take Belfast out of the girl…

Originally from Belfast but now living in Newcastle and working on mastering Geordie sayings in a Belfast brogue. (Honestly, it’s hilarious – to me at least). I grew up surrounded by sewing, knitting (90% of my childhood photos are of me in hand knits!) and repurposing fabric.

The aran jumper and cardigan – hand knitted by my Mum (for clarity I’m the one on the right)

Making memories

The ingenuity of the average Northern Irish grandmother to turn a shirt cuff and make an old worn sheet have a new release of life is not to be underestimated. So as well as an eco business, Scatty knits is my remembrance of the women who taught me to make and the parts they played in the textile industries of Northern Ireland Mum, with knitting always on the go and making children’s clothes, Granny Shields who made high end men’s shirts and Granny Harvey who wove linen in the 1930s.  

You really don’t want to be one who has made her look that annoyed at you (it was usually me)
Got to love the 70s, matching anoraks and that yellow / brown combo